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a new genre

With this style if this is what your looking for is, for techno people like me a slow dnb like at 2:22 - 2:47 and a relaxing "lounge" song for those who prefer it.
its a cross genre song that has something for everyone while still being a complete song.

if you add lyrics its going blow peoples mind (if the lyrics matched)
i can see 2:22 - 2:47 being ether a chorus or a instrumental

tijnn responds:

Yeah it's a really hybrid lounge song, and i'm really glad that you in fact liked it man! Thanks! ; )


i never have been able to play slap bass
well just one note at a time
but that is god like slap bass

now this is why i love ng

I get sick of songs (done pro) haveing the same frekin cord progresion
but this...this is one of a kind...no copy cat or anything like that
so i hope what every you use next will be able to handle what you can dish out

axeFX responds:

i hope so too man. I tryed ableton live, and that just didnt have the production factor that i needed =/

to long

i feel like the song dosent actuly start till :43
and the beeps should stop at 1:40
just a few issues
i try to be helpful not harsh :)

Bobox responds:

Thanks for the review and I agree with you in some way. Good luck on your new game ;)


maybe alittle more melody. and the sound balance isnt right but 5 for the bass
i love my bass :)

Shan83 responds:

thank you for your review and feedback :)
yeah, maybe more melody would have been better ;)
I will certainly try the next time-

I hope that your talking about a roster

i know what i was going to listing to just by the title, dont use your talant for crap like this. well... other than that..um.....good guitar...


get out of the "sounding like midi" area and you may have something there


that was sweet
is it saying "draze is the man" after 3:00 ah who cares that was SWEET
it builds to one melody and then BAM asomeness

simply amazing

if anybody ever tells you "you suck" you have the right to tell them to shuv it because this is better than pro
I would go as far to say this is better than the crap they put in platformer games

sweet song

i like it because it sounds like heaven rd. 3
10/10 :)

Well the only thing i understand is computers, won awards for websites and other stuff, and i am currently working on a small scale game for fun

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