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2008-10-04 12:24:19 by sora64

:( the exporter is broken so i cant put it on new grounds unless i do it in flash

also i cant get the music to keep going after you restart, dang

well il keep trying

i expect to have it done by next march at least

Edit march 2010: haha next march, more like never. I have learned alot. and one thing is what i was trying to do wont work

NEW game

2008-08-31 22:18:18 by sora64

ok im starting a new game called "ice pick" im useing a 3d program and found a exporter to prt to flash
:) ill have the regular with great graphics on another site, ill put the flash ng cut on here it will be ng styled and the origanl will be in a frazen place

this game is to showcase envy and pragonX9 the two best music producers
it will have 5 each of their songs

if you think you are a good song writer pm me

NEW game